[FEATURE] Advanced Beast invasion *UPDATED

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[FEATURE] Advanced Beast invasion *UPDATED Empty [FEATURE] Advanced Beast invasion *UPDATED

Post by Recreator on Sun May 14, 2017 6:49 am

Explanations and Informations:

Battle power requirement for Advanced beast

- Gobi Beasts - Available for players with max 2500 BP!
- Dark Marsh Beasts - Available for players with max 2800 BP!
- Island Beasts - Available for players with max 3100 BP!
- Lost Land Beasts - Available for players with max 3500 BP!
- Elephant Hill Beasts - Available for players with max 4000 BP!
- Frozen Hell Beasts - Available for players with max 6000 BP!
- DarkBadLand Beasts - Available for VIP 7 with max 7000 BP!

Like a Star @ heaven Re-spawn time for each location

GobiDesert, Dark Marsh, Island and Lost Land = Every 2 hours 30 minutes.
Elephant Hill, Frozen Hell and DarkBadLand = Every 3 hours Rolling Eyes

Every map spawns 4 Adv.Beasts on each map !
When Player slay Adv. Beast they will be teleported to face Great Beast alone.

Like a Star @ heaven Beast name / HP Amount

Adv.GobiBeast - 2,500,000 HP
GrtBeastOfGOBI - 1,500,000 HP
Adv.DM_Beast - 3,500,000 HP
GrtBeastOfDM - 4,000,000 HP
Adv.Isl._Beast - 5,000,000 HP
GrtBeastOfIsland - 5,500,000 HP
Adv.LL.Beast - 7,000,000 HP
GrtBeastOfLL - 7,500,000 HP
Adv.HellG.Beast - 8,500,000 HP
GrtBeastOfHG - 9,500,000 HP
Adv.FH.Beast - 10,000,000 HP
GrtBeastOfFH - 10,500,000 HP
Adv.DB.Beast - 15,000,000 HP
GrtBeastOfDB - 20,000,000 HP

Drops information

Great Beast of Gobi:
Great Beast of DarkMarsh:
Great Beast of Island:
Great Beast of LostLand:
Great Beast of HellGates:
Great Beast of FrozenHell:
Great Beast of DarkBadLand:
100% chance of getting all 4 rewards directly into inventory:
20 x Divine Experience
10 x Gold point
1 x Castle Stone
30 x SIP

Adv. Beast of Gobi:
Adv. Beast of Dark Marsh:
Adv. Beast of Island:
Adv. Beast of Lost Land:
Guarantee EPs:
Normal rate : 2,000,000 EPs
If VIP7: +5,000,000 additionally

Adv. Beast of Hell Gates:
Adv. Beast of Frozen Hell:
Adv. Beast of DarkBadLand:
Guarantee EPs:
Normal rate : 3,000,000 EPs
If VIP7: +7,000,000 EPs additionally

Adv. beast screenshot preview - coming soon -


Gobi Land Beasts:

Dark Marsh Beasts:

Island Beasts:

Lost Land Beasts:

Elephant Hill Beasts:

Frozen Hell Beasts:

DarkBadLand Beasts:


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