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[UPDATE] Legion Wars - Prizes Empty [UPDATE] Legion Wars - Prizes

Post by TheRaiser[PM] on Wed Jul 13, 2016 11:40 pm

Claim Rewards
All members of the legion which succeeds in occupying the legion land can claim the prizes from Bruck (LegionLand 475,894) once a day between 23:00 to 23:45.

[UPDATE] Legion Wars - Prizes Legion10

Members of Winner Legion can claim Everyday certain LegionWarPack depending on rank.
Leader - LegionWarPackA (Max to claim 1 per day 1)
Deputy, Honor Deputy, Leader's Spouse, General, Honor General, Captain, Honor Captain - LegionWarPackB (Max to claim per day 10)
Lieutenant, Deputy's Spouse,Deputy's Aide, Leader's Spouse Aide, Sergeant, General's Spouse, Captain's Spouse, General's Aide, Captain's Aide, Senior Member - LegionWarPackC (Max to claim per day 10)
Lieutenant's Spouse, Junior Member,Common Member, Reservist - LegionWarPackD (Max to claim per day 10)

LegionWarPackA Contains 100.000.000 EPs, 80 DragonHead and 100 MoneyPoint.
LegionWarPackB Contains 50.000.000 EPs, 60 DragonHead and 50 MoneyPoint.
LegionWarPackC Contains 30.000.000 EPs, 40 DragonHead and 30 MoneyPoint.
LegionWarPackD Contains 10.000.000 EPs, 20 DragonHead and 10 MoneyPoint.

Legion Casuals:
LegionArmorA - Leader and Leader's Spouse
LegionArmorB - All members

Leader and Leader's Spouse
[UPDATE] Legion Wars - Prizes Leader10

All members
[UPDATE] Legion Wars - Prizes Member10


Leader and Leader's Spouse
[UPDATE] Legion Wars - Prizes New4310

All members
[UPDATE] Legion Wars - Prizes New4410

Goodluck and have fun! Very Happy

Best Regards,
Raiser Online Staff

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[UPDATE] Legion Wars - Prizes Empty Re: [UPDATE] Legion Wars - Prizes

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bijok aa


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