Patch and Updates (ChangeLogs)

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Patch and Updates (ChangeLogs)

Post by Avatar on Tue Jan 19, 2016 11:41 am

21 feb 2016
-patch 5059
-reset wukong time
-fix minor bug

20 feb 2016
-patch 5058
-fix minor bug
-update castle stone reward
-scale allowed
-fix skill range

19 feb 2016
-fix minor bug
-regular backup
-update frozen box reward

18 feb 2016
-update godship uses
-add npc Bounty Hunter
-fix minor bug

17 feb 2016
-patch 5057
-add reward frozen
-fix minor bug

16 feb 2016
-patch 5056
-update wukong reward
-fix minor bug

15 feb 2016
-patch 5055
-fix minor bug

14 feb 2016
-patch 5053 and patch 5054
-fix frozen burrow
-fix minor bug
-add No scale map

13 feb 2016
-patch 5051 and patch 5052
-add FEATURE Frozen Burrow  Renewed
12 feb 2016
-fix minor bug
-fix some skill

11 feb 2016
10feb 2016
-repatch 5050
9 feb 2016
-repatch 5049
-fix bug
-fix divine skill (1dmg prob)
- added Sun wukong npc reward

8 feb 2016
-repatch 5047 and 5048
-added angpau reward
-added sun wukong FEATURE

7 feb 2016
-repatch 5046
- revive particle cooldown decrease from 5 to 4 sec
-unlimited revive 5 sec cooldown in legion war map
-ANG PAU for CNY gift can be claim in Maintenane Claim NPC
-RE-balance godship magic skill
-godship skill added more power damage
-update monthly PKT reward
-update weekly PKT reward
-fix minor bug

3 feb 2016
-patch 5044
- fix bug
- add gearelement  change option

2 feb 2016
-new patch 5043
-fix bug
-add god weapon feature

1 feb 2016
-new patch 5042
-fix minor bug
-add function max godship LV40
-upgrade/downgrade pet available
-gladiator  open for donation (max* and stat only)

31 jan 2016
-update patch version 5041
-fix minor bug
-add function PROMOTION EPS => MP and MYRCOUPON =>MP
-add personal casual

30 jan 2016
- update patch version 5040
-fix minor bug
-add personal casual

29 jan 2016
-update version 5039
- fix minor bug
- re-added maint card reward

28 jan 2016
-update version 5038
-rolback data
-fix minor bug

27 jan 2016
-fix minor bug
-rollback data

26 jan 2016

-Update new version 5037
-Update Cronus Defense (Seth Life 180k - 11:00) server time
-Update Cronus Defense (Seth Life 210k - 23:00) server time
-Fix Additional Reaper
-Update VotingCard Prizes
-Release MaintenanceCard
-Upgrade godship magic skills :
  1.Godship Matrix :
   ~Wind Starvaine
   ~Wind Cleave
   ~Wind Cycling
   ~Wind DropChain
   ~Wind GodStrike

  2.Godship Vell :
   ~Fire HellGround
   ~Fire HellSmash
   ~Fire HellDepart
   ~Fire HellStone
   ~Fire HellFlames

25 jan 2016
-update new version 5036
-godweapon added
-fix bug

24 jan 2016
-update new version 5035
-super weapon added
-fix miniicon
-fix minor bug

23 jan 2016

-Update new version 5034
-Release new item up-doomstorm/doomraid/doomknight
-Fix and upgrade all dooms skill
-Update reward horn

22 Jan 2016
- Fix minor bug
- Add new mount
- regular maint

21 Jan 2016
- Patch 5032 (Maint Time)
- Fix minor bug

- Frozen Queen(Virgo Lena) lookface fixed (Newpatch release)

20 Jan 2016
- Patch 5031 (Maint Time)

- Maintenance Redeem Card System Release
- Fix minor bug

- Ice Maze Map Non-PK
- Dark Bad Land Map Non-PK
- EP to EP card Changer is added (Check POINTS~EXCHANGER)
- PK Force Reward Update

- Update golden animal can be use for

               *4x GoldenAnimal => Upgrade Pet
               *4x GoldenAnimal => Rename (character/legion)
               *4x GoldenAnimal => Change gender
               *4x GoldenAnimal => Change maker name (fullset gears)
               *4x GoldenAnimal => Change Effects (for personal casual)

Like a Star @ heaven All logs will be update from time to time.
Like a Star @ heaven Any additional update at that day will be added later in logs.

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Post by altheaf on Fri Mar 25, 2016 3:10 pm

hi please help where i can register i already dl the game but i dont see register file


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Re: Patch and Updates (ChangeLogs)

Post by TheRaiser[PM] on Sat Mar 26, 2016 5:40 am

altheaf wrote:hi please help where i can register i already dl the game but i dont see register file

hi please inbox raiser eudemon online pages.

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Re: Patch and Updates (ChangeLogs)

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