[GODSHIP] God Apotheosis

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[GODSHIP] God Apotheosis

Post by Avatar on Mon Jan 04, 2016 9:24 pm


How to be God? (Vell/Matrix):

- The Apotheosis is the divine trial of examining wether a hero is worthy of our divine blessing and becoming Demi God with their mighty abilities.
- What you need to become God?
- * You must already summon 3
- * You must have 50* pet and sum it
- * Xp Booster (if your battle power under 1000)
- * Life potion (MUST HAVE MORE)

Find Npc at CRONUS (323,422) *TO ENTER MUST ABLE SUMMON 3*

Click the Apotheosis NPC (Please summon your 50* pet)

Kill HirusFighter (50/50) -*Recommend to use XP BOOSTER*

Kill AresServant -*Recommend to use XP BOOSTER*

Click Army~Of~God Npc to go next stage

Kill HellPriests (200/200) -*Recommend to use XP BOOSTER*

Kill 4 Monster ApolloServant -*Recommend to use XP BOOSTER*

Click the Npc:

Click the Npc: (HARD STAGE)

Almost Finish: Kill Athena!

Final Wave: (After you kill all Athena, You will get dragonball!)

Done!!: (Click the Apotheosis)

Choose type of GOD: (Vell/Matrix) - After you complete the Apotheosis, you must choose what type of god, and you will get GodStigmataI to view and upgrade your god level.

How to get God Skills? :

How to get Special God Skills? :

You can buy at this npc, in God Court.

Special God Skills :-
*Devil Binding
*Devil Hands
*Saint Binding
*God Hands
*Divine Ice

How to leveling your God level? :

Find BlueDragon,BrownDragon,GoldDragon and BlackDragon to get DivineExp!!!

To upgrade your god level please click GodStigmata to UPGRADE.


Main forum link: http://goo.gl/XkQPqR
Full Quest list : http://goo.gl/XzCrKh
Vote System Guide&Reward : http://goo.gl/A84Pzk
Horn Feature HornBox : http://goo.gl/mMqBpO
Horn Feature WarGate: http://goo.gl/2j62Kz
Vote here : http://goo.gl/aNHCQm


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Re: [GODSHIP] God Apotheosis

Post by lfagames on Sun May 01, 2016 9:11 pm

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