Seth Attack {Cronus Defense} *

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Seth Attack {Cronus Defense} * Empty Seth Attack {Cronus Defense} *

Post by Recreator on Tue May 16, 2017 8:25 pm

TIME of this EVENT : Everyday at 11:00 PM - 11:30 PM


Information :

Event will take place under CRONUS map. Every player who will be under Cronus map or will enter this map will automatically participate in Cronus Defense!

When event will be running - normal old market where are all NPCs (along with composer) wont be available for usage!
Aim of the event is to kill Seth as fast as possible which will allow everyone to use again cronus/market as before. Additionally slaying the Seth will provide everyone rewards for participation.

Small explanation!
Every player can use own pets to help killing Seth. This means each player is count by X*damage where X is amount of pets + player! In other words - All your summoned pets will be providing same great damage from total player BP when hitting Seth!

Each player during the Seth battle will see on top left chatbox statistics of progress. Which is:
How much damage per hit providing in certain momment
How much total [0/200]times provided till this momment(YOU MUST COMPLETE [200/200] to get rewards!
How much life left to Seth before it will be slayed!


New Seth system providing totally new times/battlepower/rewarding system!
Every player who will be hitting Seth will be dealing exact amount of times depending on player BattlePower!
Damages are divided basing on BP:
Under 2500 BP = 15 damage
Over 2500 BP = 30 damage

Rewards Information

Seth killed Before 11:15 PM ( Grade A1 )
Seth killed After 11:16 PM - 11:30 PM ( Grade A2 )
Participants that meet the requirements and successfully achieve Seth attack [200/200] Times will receive [Grade B] santa

[NOTICE] : Fail to kill Seth after 11:30 PM you will get no rewards from Seth !

Grade A1 Rewards for Lucky Last Shot on Seth
400 Universal38* + 100 SethBlood + 60 SIP

Grade A2 Rewards for Lucky Last Shot on Seth
400 Universal38* + 50 SethBlood + 30 SIP

Grade B Rewards for rest of the players who achieved [200/200] times on seth
50 Universal38* + 20 Sethblood

Seth map & boss details

- Seth Health : 410.000 HP
- Seth can be hit by magic and skills only.
- Seth is not movable ( Skills like DoomStorm / chainchop etc will not affect on his position ! )

# Cronus Map Settings
(-) No PK
(-) Cannot Jump
(-) Cannot use RandomPortals
(-) Wont store position after re-login

Kill Seth minions to receive Sethblood. Kill more, receive more  santa

Seth Attack {Cronus Defense} * 4

Where to exchange Sethblood for rewards?
# Market: 323:596 (Prison)

Seth Attack {Cronus Defense} * 2

Seth Attack {Cronus Defense} * 3


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