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1. Once registered your ID in website, in create character option, make sure you choose paladin(*its important you choose paladin, if not you will have trouble with soul 0/0 in game later on).

2. Open "welcome gift/newbie pack", you will get equipment box and some other stuff. Dont click the equipment yet! You might have second thought about your class later.

3. LEVEL UP YOUR CHARACTER! buy "windbead" or "defensive circle" at Grocery Lana(cronus 306:400). Teach your pet windbead and go just outside the cronus to kill Madbull mobs( you will get 800eps/1800pps for each mobs you kill!), once you get atleast 800~1m eps/pps, go to shopping mall NPC (cronus 310:473), buy some 1k expball and give yourself. Once you are level 80, feed "eudemon crystal" to 1 of your pixie. Get some uni 6* from shopping mall. And compose 2x your pixie. At this time your pixie will be lv 35~59* randomly. When it done, its time to maximise your character LEVEL! go to EXP^TELEPORTER npc (cronus 334:424) and kill mobs inside it, just a minutes your char will be level255 max!

4. Get eps to buy compose item! In eudemon, the only way to be stronger is having high star * pet. Meaning you have to compose your pet to maximise your own BP(Battle Power). Go to Misty Marsh in Elven City and kill mobs there(getting eps). Why Misty Marsh? because mobs in there are spawn much in large group (you can get 1M eps in a minute using windbead while lingering around the map.

5. Join some suitable quest for your BP such as Hurdle Race (need mount) to get eps and some stuff such as devine exp (you can sell it for eps). Join FishingLand Quest (Hatori NPC| cronus 339:421), you will get random eps and pps while fishing. 


6. HUNTER, Ready your gear!! YES YOU! if you like much more adventurer rather than stick on one thing only(well, it will prevent you from getting boring and sleepy though) hunt some skull dragon, it spawn each 5 minutes or so in all map. Use area damage skill to kill much more faster. You can join Advance Beast Invasion once your BP is above 1500BP.


      >-/-|> Summon 3 eudemon - You can get it by killing gobi beast or old grimlin

                  beast in Gobi Desert

      >-/-|> 10k expball - Needed to maximise your pet level to Lv255| kill Gobi


      >-/-|> Class skill/pet skill - Get it at a group of grocery at cronus (311:410)

      >-/-|> Class Change NPC (Professional changer|cronus 303:483)

      >-/-|> Stone Upgrader (Merchant Joans NPC| cronus 311:460)

      >-/-|> Stack Seller (Item_Seller NPC| cronus 327:453)

      >-/-|> God Court Teleporter (Endargon | cronus 324:422)


Main forum link: http://goo.gl/XkQPqR
Full Quest list : http://goo.gl/XzCrKh
Vote System Guide&Reward : http://goo.gl/A84Pzk
Horn Feature HornBox : http://goo.gl/mMqBpO
Horn Feature WarGate: http://goo.gl/2j62Kz
Vote here : http://goo.gl/aNHCQm


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