[COSTUME] All screenshot CASUAL

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[COSTUME] All screenshot CASUAL

Post by Avatar on Mon Jan 04, 2016 8:42 pm

Casual Stat:

*all casual have same stat

Prince and Princess


Prince A ~ F

Prince G ~ L

Prince S ~T

Princess A ~ H

Princess I


Naruto, Buu and Dinno

Gohan, Iron Man, and Aqua Suit

Goldking Suit, Holy Suit, Mihawk

Aqua Girl, Erza Scarlet, Girl Coat, Saint Coat

Sakura Suit, Snow Lady Suit, Iron Girl, Videl Suit

Dragon Skull Casual Quest

1.- Final Fantasy VII -->

2.- CalyX1 -->

3.- CalyX2 -->

4.- CalyX3 -->


Main forum link: http://goo.gl/XkQPqR
Full Quest list : http://goo.gl/XzCrKh
Vote System Guide&Reward : http://goo.gl/A84Pzk
Horn Feature HornBox : http://goo.gl/mMqBpO
Horn Feature WarGate: http://goo.gl/2j62Kz
Vote here : http://goo.gl/aNHCQm


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