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Post by TheRaiser[PM] on Wed Sep 06, 2017 4:06 pm

Hawk Shop has been release. Prizes will be keep update everytime Smile

[FEATURE] Hawk Shop 111

UltimateMana (manaspring)
Hawk Hair v1
Hawk Hair v2
Hawk Hair v3
Hawk Potion
BubbleWar Warrior
BubbleWar Paladin
BubbleWar Mage
BubbleWar Vampire
BubbleWar ShadowKnight
BubbleWar Necromancer

[FEATURE] Hawk Shop 211

[FEATURE] Hawk Shop 411

[FEATURE] Hawk Shop 311
How to use?
Inject this potion to BabyPanda => Riana
Inject this potion to Riana=> Lilith
Inject this potion to Lilith=> BabyPanda

[FEATURE] Hawk Shop 11111110
How to use?
Inject this potion to all eudemon to get back BP+10 (POTION)
- Available for all eudemon
- Only for injection BP+10 (Got bp+10 from composing cannot used)
- Inject the eudemon you will get immediately BP+10 Potion
- The talent on the pet will be lost after you disconnect from game

Prizes will be update everytime Razz

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