[FEATURE] Hawk Shop

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[FEATURE] Hawk Shop

Post by TheRaiser[PM] on Wed Sep 06, 2017 4:06 pm

Hawk Shop has been release. Prizes will be keep update everytime Smile

UltimateMana (manaspring)
Hawk Hair v1
Hawk Hair v2
Hawk Hair v3
Hawk Potion
BubbleWar Warrior
BubbleWar Paladin
BubbleWar Mage
BubbleWar Vampire
BubbleWar ShadowKnight
BubbleWar Necromancer

How to use?
Inject this potion to BabyPanda => Riana
Inject this potion to Riana=> Lilith
Inject this potion to Lilith=> BabyPanda

How to use?
Inject this potion to all eudemon to get back BP+10 (POTION)
- Available for all eudemon
- Only for injection BP+10 (Got bp+10 from composing cannot used)
- Inject the eudemon you will get immediately BP+10 Potion
- The talent on the pet will be lost after you disconnect from game

Prizes will be update everytime Razz

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