[QUEST] Lord island

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[QUEST] Lord island Empty [QUEST] Lord island

Post by Recreator on Sat May 13, 2017 10:45 pm

Event duration : Everyday 24/7

Collect 10 island shell to exchange for a key so you can open a island box for fantastic rewards santa

How to enter Lord island quest

[QUEST] Lord island Guardi10

Hunt for 10 island shells from marrisa monsters
[QUEST] Lord island Marris10

Once you collect 10 island shell from Marrisa monster in the lord island map,
head to Guardian Lord Pasus to exchange your 10 island shell for a key

at [QUEST] Lord island Lordma10
[QUEST] Lord island Guardi11

[QUEST] Lord island Lorddi10

Look for Lord island NPC again to purchase a island box for 2,000,000 EPs to use the key you get from the island shell to island key.

[QUEST] Lord island Guardi10

Quest item preview
[QUEST] Lord island Isbox10 [QUEST] Lord island Skey10


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