[EVENT] Daily Trivia contest

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[EVENT] Daily Trivia contest Empty [EVENT] Daily Trivia contest

Post by Recreator on Mon May 08, 2017 9:50 pm

Event Duration : everyday at 09:00 PM ~ 09:15 PM ( GMT+8 Malaysia / Singapore time )
Recommended for new players to join to earn some free EPs santa

Total amount of questions : 30
each question you answer correctly gives +2 points to your current points !
questions are randomly given and half of them are based on Eudemons Online.
you have 20 seconds till the next question begins, fail to answer the current question in 20 seconds will not earn you any points  Crying or Very sad

Trivia rewards :
First Prize : 30million EPs bag x1 (+) 3 10k% Special Expball
Second Prize : 20million EPs bag x1 (+)  2 10k% Special Expball
Third Prize : 10million EPs bag x1 (+)  1 10k% Special Expball

Good luck everyone Smile


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