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[QUEST] Master Chef  Empty [QUEST] Master Chef

Post by Recreator on Mon May 08, 2017 9:03 pm

Collect 500 recipe card to exchange for 5 ingredients for awesome rewards.

Event duration : Everyday 24 hours / 7 days
Recommended for new players  santa

more information to be uploaded soon study

Where to farm Recipe cards?
Look for GODS Teleporter as shown in the image below
[QUEST] Master Chef  Elysi10

[QUEST] Master Chef  Elysiu10

Exchange your recipe cards for ingredients at this NPC in Elysium ;
[QUEST] Master Chef  Recipe10

[QUEST] Master Chef  Exch10

Once you have all 5 ingredients, look for Master Chef in Cronus

[QUEST] Master Chef  Chefnp11

[QUEST] Master Chef  Chefnp10

Rewards list
- unknown -
possibility : Mounts / warrior & mage pets


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