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[FEATURE] Lament of the Fallen Empty [FEATURE] Lament of the Fallen

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Quest Time: Anytime (Cooldown 50 minutes)
Requirements: High player (Player with Adv eudemon)
Entrace: Cronus (641,692)
Rewards: 5x DragonPart,SpecialCloth,LeaguePoint,RO270kCard,MP,GP,CrystalLotus

Brief Walkthrough
1. Kill Night Watcher and destroy the Fiendish Statue.
2. Break the Frozen Seal.
3. Pass the toxic wind and break all the Cursed Barriers.
4. Repeat the ceremony and kill Fallen Raphael.

The Location of Bosses:
[FEATURE] Lament of the Fallen Z110

[FEATURE] Lament of the Fallen Z210

Enter the well and you will find Raphael's Follower. Talk with him for more information. You can accept the sub-quest Revenge here or ask him to send you back to Cronus.

[FEATURE] Lament of the Fallen Z310

Take care of the Gloomy Wanderer and Hidden Devil and kill them rapidly. Pick up the Iron Amulet, which can be used to divert a thunder attack later.

[FEATURE] Lament of the Fallen Z410

The Fiendish Statue blocks the entrance to the burial chamber. You find something carved on the base of the statue and a handgrip under the carving. Move the handgrip and the Tomb Guardian Night Watcher will appear.

[FEATURE] Lament of the Fallen Z510

Kill Night Watcher and a Forbidden Stele became dazzling in the dark…Read the words on the stele and follow its instruction to activate the stone pole in the correct order. If you did it in wrong order, the Night Watcher will appear again.

[FEATURE] Lament of the Fallen Z610

The Fiendish Statue has been destroyed. Now you are blocked by a frozen seal. Get a kindling from the Flame Pillar and break the frozen seal.

[FEATURE] Lament of the Fallen Z710

See the Yellow Line? When you walk over it, you will be attacked by thunder and evil Witches. Kill the Witches and use the Iron Aumlet to protect you from thunder.

[FEATURE] Lament of the Fallen Z810

After destroying all the Cursed Barriers, you have reached the coffin chamber. The ceremony is almost done and the soul of Raphael has been controlled by the Demons. Kill the Altar Guards!

[FEATURE] Lament of the Fallen Z911

To rescue Fallen Raphael, you need to repeat the ceremony. Pull the monsters in other chambers to the Coffin Chamber, stand in the halo in front of the corresponding pole and kill enough of them to activate the 5 stone poles.

[FEATURE] Lament of the Fallen Z1010

All 5 Stone Pole has been activated. Fallen Raphael has come out. Kill him to rescue his soul.

[FEATURE] Lament of the Fallen Z1110

How to play (Watch video)  Laughing

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