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Post by TheRaiser[PM] on Thu Dec 01, 2016 3:42 pm

Quest Time: Anytime (Cooldown 40 minutes)
Requirements: High player (Player with Adv eudemon)
Limitation: None
Entrace: Cronus (1430,1043)
Key Item: DragonPart
Rewards: SuperDivine,RO270kCard,SpecialCloth,DivineExp,DragonHead,CastleStone,MP,GP,LeaguePoint

Brief Walkthrough
1. Kill Rot Walker for his salvation.
2. Destroy the poles and kill knights to unseal the Wailing Banshee. Kill her.
3. Kill Abyss Knight.
4. Kill the WickedPriest and his servants. (Optional)
5. Kill Defiler for the last bosses
6. All bosses drop Special Item

The Location of Bosses:
[FEATURE] Rotten Sepulcher Rotten10

Details Walkthrough
Once your enter, time will count and automatic out (limit 1hour)

[FEATURE] Rotten Sepulcher Rotten11

You found some Dead Adventurers in the Sepulcher. Click on them and you will get some clues.
[FEATURE] Rotten Sepulcher Rotten12

Pull the Rot Walker to the blood-stained pit and kill him for his salvation, then you can continue on your adventure.
[FEATURE] Rotten Sepulcher Rotten14
[FEATURE] Rotten Sepulcher Rotten13

Kill the knight servants and destroy all the poles, and then kill Fiend Knight, Evil Knight, Slaughter Knight and Disaster Knight to unseal the Wailing Banshee. Kill her to release her soul!
[FEATURE] Rotten Sepulcher Rotten15

Kill all the Wicked Priests to summon your target - Abyss Knight, who will revive many times. Be patient and hold on. This trial calls for great perseverance.
[FEATURE] Rotten Sepulcher Rotten16
[FEATURE] Rotten Sepulcher Rotten17

If you have enough Quick HP Potions, you can give them to the dying soldier to save his life and gain some EXP rewards.
[FEATURE] Rotten Sepulcher Rotten18

Now you are arriving in a dreadful place.
[FEATURE] Rotten Sepulcher Rotten20

2 lines of Pharaohs are standing before the skulls, together with 4 Wraith Statues. Defiler must be buried here. Sacrifice 10000 HP to each of the 4 Wraiths and kill them to awaken Defiler.
[FEATURE] Rotten Sepulcher Rotten19

After defeating 4 Wraiths, Defiler will awaken and all pharaoh will awake too! beware!  Rolling Eyes  Rolling Eyes

How to play (Watch video)  Laughing

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