IMPORTANT NOTICE - "DONT" Use Flash Player 20 AX!!!

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IMPORTANT NOTICE - "DONT" Use Flash Player 20 AX!!!

Post by TheRaiser[PM] on Fri Jan 01, 2016 12:52 am

If you got problem error displayed in login, please uninstall old flash player. This problem error at Flash Player version.

Here screenshot problem :

Adviced to install Flash Player below 20 version.

Flash Player 19
Flash Player 7 AX
Download the link and read the guide to solve the problem.
Download Here

Attention!! For Window 8/8.1/10!

Right click the start menu and select 'Programs and Features'
On the left of the window click on 'View Installed Updates'
Now what you want to look for is an update with the name "KB3132372" in it. It will be listed under Microsoft Windows Category.
Simply right click it and uninstall it, then restart and it will remove the Adobe Update.

KB3132372 is a security update to fix bugs in Adobe Flash for IE, but when you fix 1 thing you break 100 other things. When you uninstall it, it will keep saying you have an update available, just ignore it until it gets fixed properly.

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